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Pilsner the Conqueror

ABV 5.5
Style Pilsner
Flavors & Mouthfeel Crisp, Floral, Grassy
Source San Diego, CA
Delivered from 32 North Brewing Co.
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Product Description

Crisp, flavorful, local craft PILSNER THE CONQUEROR now in 16oz cans.

We have never been prouder of a beer than we are with Pilsner the Conqueror.

Our award-winning Pilsner brewed with 100% German ingredients is one of the finest examples of the style in all of Southern California and has a slight grassy hop character to go with an incredible drinkable finish.

Pairs perfectly with San Diego’s wonderful weather and trips to the beach, park, or at home on the porch. 

ABV 5.5%